Bay area injury lawyer update: Runaway Prius story conflicts with Toyota findings

/// 03/25/2010

San Diego, CA (Press Release)—Updated reports concerning an incident of sudden unintended acceleration involving a Toyota Prius in San Diego, California, prompted the automotive giant to investigate the frightening episode. Upon doing so, however, Toyota’s probe into the occurrence produced findings, which were deemed to conflict with the motorist’s story. Toyota representatives reported that after conducting two days worth of testing, they were still unable to reproduce driver James Sikes’ sticking accelerator. Toyota has been linked to an alleged total of 56 fatal motor vehicle accidents and faces extensive pending litigation with regard to customers’ personal injury, wrongful death, and class-action claims, according to information provided by the Los Angeles Times and previous coverage by the trial firm of Mary Alexander & Associates.

Authorities from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reportedly stated, “We would caution people that our work continues and that we may never know exactly what happened with this car… It is rare to recreate these unintended acceleration incidents except in floor mat entrapment cases.” Sikes maintains that he was unable to stop his vehicle due to the vehicles stuck accelerator pedal, though according to Bob Waltz, Toyota’s vice president of product quality and service support, investigations suggested the vehicle would have come to a halt if the driver would have applied sufficient pressure to the brakes. Sikes’ has not commented on the automakers investigation, though according to his attorney, a lawsuit was not expected to be filed in connection with the incident. Toyota has made no allegations that Sikes’ story was fabricated and simply declined to comment on his account.

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