Hohenwald, TN – Student injured after being dragged by school bus in Hohenwald TN

Hohenwald, TN – Student injured after being dragged by school bus in Hohenwald TN


Legal News for Tennessee Bus Accident Attorneys. An 11-year-old girl cracked her pelvis after being dragged by a school bus in Lewis County, Tennessee.

Tennessee bus accident lawyer alerts- A bus driver reportedly failed to notice a young student being dragged by a school bus, causing her to suffer injuries.

Hohenwald, TN—A young girl suffered serious injuries after she was dragged down the street by her school bus on Wednesday, March 24, 2010. The horrifying incident occurred in Lewis County, Tennessee, according to information provided by WSMV.com.

Reports stated as an 11-year-old girl was in the midst of exiting a school bus on Tennessee State Route 100 Wednesday afternoon, in close proximity to her home, when her backpack seemingly became wedged in the bus door. The bus began to move forward as the distressed student, identified as Torrie Byrum, shouted for help.

Her sister, who had gotten off the bus before her, witnessed the terrifying incident. According to high school senior Joyce Byrum, “She was screaming bloody murder the entire time… She was hanging on to her straps, and she was trying to run along with the bus. And there was one point when she got closer to the concrete where she kind of tripped, and it looked like she was going to go under the bus, then she righted herself and she was dragged across the pavement.” Joyce noted the bus driver, whose identity was not disclosed, is hard of hearing and unfit to be a safe bus driver, in her opinion.

Doctors and nurses at an area hospital were reportedly treating Torrie Byrum for a fractured pelvis. Her mother, Evelyn Byrum, reportedly noted, “If she’d have stepped wrong one way, she would have been under the wheels, and he didn’t hear her as far as he drug her to start with, if she would have gone under the wheels, it would really have been worse.” Investigations into the bus-involved inceidnt are expected to be underway.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Tennessee Bus Accident Lawyers.

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