Raleigh, NC – property attorney alerts – Fierce 3-alarm blaze

Raleigh, NC – property attorney alerts – Fierce 3-alarm blaze


Legal News for North Carolina Property Attorneys. Raleigh fire investigators are looking into a massive Highland Creek neighborhood fire that destroyed three homes.

A blaze damaged six houses, destroying three of them in Raleigh NC; fire investigators looking into what might have caused incident.

Raleigh, NC—Approximately 60 firefighters responded to the scene of a three-alarm fire that destroyed three homes and damaged three others on Tuesday, March 23, 2010. The incident occurred in the Highland Creek subdivision, located in the 2800 block of Armadale Lane, according to information provided by ABC News.

Strong winds, dry grass, and the fact that there was little separation between residencies, were all alleged factors in the spreading of the massive blaze. However, Raleigh Fire Department investigators are still looking into what may have prompted the fire to be ignited in the first place. Fire rescue crews were reportedly dispatched to the scene at around 7:30 p.m., where flames could allegedly be seen for miles. More than a few individuals responded to the scene after noticing heavy smoke and flames shooting up from the engulfed homes.

According to Michael Deguzman, whose daughter noticed the fire spreading into their backyard, “She opened the door. And as soon as she opened the door, she said Daddy, there’s fire on the ground… I said to my wife it’s going to be okay, but in my mind, it’s all gone.” His home sustained substantial damage in the blaze but apparently was not a complete loss. According to neighboring resident Sarah Moore, “When I looked outside my window, there was a fire shooting from my friends house, which is the house that burned down… It started in one and started jumping from house to house. It’s awful. You’re sitting there watching these houses burn and there’s nothing you can do, except wait for the fire department to arrive.”

Luckily, no one suffered injury in the blaze. Fire officials were on the scene Wednesday to look into what might have caused the devastating inferno that left 15 residents displaced. The Red Cross has reportedly come to the aid of those who lost their homes in the fire and the probe is ongoing.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for North Carolina Property Lawyers.

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