20-vehicle pile-up shut down I-80 from Wyoming to Utah

Legal news for automobile accident attorneys. A massive pile-up resulted in one fatality and multiple injuries.

Automobile accident lawyers alert- A 20-car pile-up shut down Interstate 80 from the Utah state line to Rawlins, WY.

Rawlins, WY- A series of crashes, which led to a 20 or more pile-up, shut down Interstate 80 in both directions from Rawlins to the Utah state line. The massive amount of multiple vehicle crashes occurred around 9:00 a.m., about 3 miles west of Wamsutter, as reported by the Times Call.

According to a Wyoming Department of Transportation (WyDOT) press release, “Early reports indicate the crash was triggered when a tractor-trailer truck jackknifed and partially blocked travel lanes… “A second truck then overturned while trying to avoid the first truck, and in turn, (subsequent) collisions occurred as traffic began to slow and stop behind the original crash scene.” The weather and road conditions at the time were icy and foggy. The crash involved a motor home, passenger vehicles and several large trucks. In addition, a tanker truck that was hauling crude oil flipped and subsequently spilled oil onto the highway. Another several dozen vehicles were caught in the middle of the massive pile-up without being damaged. A school bus was among the pile-up, which was transporting eight students at the time. The school bus was hit and veered off the roadway, but the driver managed to get the bus back onto the roadway, making the decision to pull into Wamsutter to get the students out of any immediate danger.

The 20-plus vehicle crash resulted in the death of one motorist, identified as Valerie Rutstein, 41, of Rock Springs, Wyo., who died of multiple traumas. Five people were reportedly transported to Memorial Hospital of Carbon County for treatment of their injuries. Two victims sustained serious injuries and had to be extracted from their heavily damaged vehicles. As of Wednesday, all five victims had left the hospital.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for automobile accident lawyers.