Colorado personal injury – Accidental shooting injured man at Denver’s Tanner Gun Show

Legal news for Colorado personal injury attorneys. A patron of the gun show was accidentally shot while looking at guns.

Colorado personal injury lawyers alert- A shooting at a gun show at Denver Merchandise Mart injured a man.

Denver, CO—A man was wounded by a bullet while attending the popular Tanner Gun Show at the Denver Merchandise Mart on Saturday, March 20, 2010. The shooting occurred around 2:00 p.m., while attending the gun show located at Interstate 25 and East 58th Avenue, as reported by the Denver Post.

According to several witnesses, the guns vendor and the victim were “holding the gun at the time of the discharge.” They were reportedly just looking at the gun when it fired and hit the victim in the upper torso. Emergency rescue teams rushed the victim to Denver Health Medical Center in an unknown condition. The Adams County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident, and has ruled it as an accident at this time.

According to the gun shows’ Web site, it is illegal to have loaded guns at the show. Most of the guns usually have zip ties looped through the chambers to prevent an accidental shooting. This was not the first occurrence of a shooting at the gun show, however. In March 2008, another shooting occurred in the parking lot. A 64-year-old man shot himself in the stomach with a .3 8-caliber handgun.

The Tanner Gun Show calls itself the state’s largest gun show, with 700 tables of vendors showcases, guns, knives, ammunition, reloading equipment, military surplus, and hunting and fishing gear.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Colorado personal injury lawyers.