Dallas, TX employment news: workers sustain first-degree burns

Legal news for Texas employment attorneys. Two workers were injured in blast while welding a line inside a pit.

Two Devon Energy contract workers sustained first-degree burns after an explosion in Wise County.

Dallas, TX—An explosion Friday morning, March 19, 2010, left two workers with first-degree burns in rural Wise County. The explosion catapulted a large tank 50 feet into the air at a gas-well tank battery around 11:30 a.m., as reported by the Star-Telegram.

The two contract workers for Devon Energy were reportedly welding near the tank battery when the explosion occurred in a cow pasture near Hlavek Road, about six miles west of Decatur. Emergency responders stated that the men were welding a line inside a pit next to a gas separator when the explosion was sparked. The explosion caught one of the tanks on fire, which was holding natural gas byproducts. Another tank was dislodged by the blast, and landed on its side 50 feet from its original foundation. One of the workers managed to transport himself to a nearby hospital, while the other worker was flown by a helicopter ambulance to Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, after complaining of respiratory problems. They both reportedly sustained first-degree burns from the blast. Police officials are currently withholding the workers identities. It was not reported if the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) http://www.osha.gov/ would be conducting an investigation.

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