Oakland County Michigan personal injury- Motorcyclist filed personal injury suit against Ferrari driver, owner

Legal News for Michigan Personal Injury Attorneys. Former Fox 2 news reporter Fanchon Stinger and her ex-boyfriend are facing pending personal injury litigation.

Michigan personal injury attorney alerts- A motorcyclist filed a personal injury lawsuit with regards to the crash that left him seriously injured.

Oakland County, MI—A five-page personal injury lawsuit has been filed in connection with a motorcycle-involved traffic crash that injured 37-year-old plaintiff David Sugg in 2007. The suit, filed March 8, 2010 in Oakland County Circuit Court, named Fanchon Stinger, the owner of a Ferrari, and Rayford Jackson, her ex-boyfriend who was driving the vehicle when it became involved the accident, as defendants, according to information provided by the Detroit Free Press.

The lawsuit, which stems back to a motor vehicle collision (MVC) that took place on May 19, 2007, claimed a 2006 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti careened on I-696 in a “violent manner” and struck Sugg, who was riding his 2002 Honda motorcycle on the roadway at the time. The impact allegedly caused him to “lose control and fall to the ground at highway speed”. Jackson, a convicted felon, was driving Stinger’s Ferrari at the time. Sugg contended suffering “head, neck, back and body, arms, legs and/or exacerbation of a preexisting condition” as well as shock and mental distress in the wreck.

Stinger was reportedly named as a defendant in the case because she is liable as the vehicles owner. Reports did not immediately disclose details regarding the compensatory damages being sought out through the lawsuit.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Michigan Personal Injury Lawyers.