Chicago woman alleged sudden acceleration as cause of Toyota Camry crash

Legal News for Illinois Product Liability Attorneys. A woman claims sudden acceleration was responsible for a single-vehicle crash involving a Toyota Camry.

Product liability alerts- Driver of Toyota Camry involved in Illinois crash alleged sudden acceleration.

Chicago, IL—In yet another incident of alleged sudden unintended acceleration, a woman crashed her Toyota Camry through her garage on Thursday morning, March 18, 2010. The motor vehicle accident occurred in Oak Lawn, Illinois, according to information provided by ABC News.

Reports stated Charlene Amerson was apparently backing her 2009 Toyota Camry into her garage when it suddenly sped up, causing her to crash through her garage. The runaway vehicle seemingly only came to a stop in her back yard after striking and substantially damaging her air conditioning unit. It was unknown if Amerson suffered any injuries in the frightening crash. With regards to the incident, Amerson allegedly stated, “I felt it accelerating so I tried to stop it by hitting the brakes but it never stopped… It was going so fast, till it didn’t hardly give me enough time to think what I should do to stop it.”

The accident comes a mere two weeks after Amerson reported to her Toyota dealership to have her vehicle serviced upon receiving notification of one of Toyota’s numerous recalls, many of which were prompted by defects involving sticking accelerator pedals and brake issues. A Toyota spokesperson stated that the dealer as well as the quality insurance team in Chicago would be informed of the incident and aid in accident investigations. Since Amerson’s airbag was not deployed on impact of the crash, the vehicles “black box”, or data recorder, is expected to contain valuable information to help investigators determine what may have caused the incident. The probe continues.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Illinois Product Liability Lawyers.