Boy taken to hospital after dog attack at Hamilton County Human Society

Boy taken to hospital after dog attack at Hamilton County Human Society


Legal News for Indiana Dog Bite Injury Attorneys. A child suffered injuries after being bit by a pit bull mix on his cheek and leg while inside an animal shelter.

Indiana dog bite injury lawyer alerts- Child injured after dog bite incident at Hamilton County Humane Society.

Hamilton County, IN—A young boy was transported to an area hospital after being attacked by a dog inside an animal shelter on Tuesday, March 16, 2010. The horrifying incident occurred at the Hamilton County Humane Society when the child walked into a room where an isolated pit bull mix was located, according to information provided by

Reports stated a pit bull mix was inside a closed room, marked with a sign reading, “I’m not feeling well please don’t enter” at the time. The youngster was curious as it what lay beyond the closed doors, just as any child might be, subsequently disregarding the warning and proceeding to walk into the room. Upon doing so, however, the dog lept from its kennel and bit the unidentified child on the cheek, according to Hamilton County Animal Control. The dog then ran into the lobby, located right next to the room in which the initial attack occurred, where he bit the boy on his leg, seemingly refusing to let go until a visitor in the lobby kicked the dog off the helpless adolescent.

Emergency medical services (EMS) personnel responded to the scene to transport the injured boy to an area hospital to be treated for his dog-bite injuries. With regards to the incident, Rebecca Stevens of the Hamilton County Humane Society reportedly stated, “Children are supposed to be with an adult the entire time they’re here. They are asked to sign in, to follow these procedures, and in this case that was not followed…We have restricted areas for a reason and signage up for a reason.” The dog allegedly had no history of violent behavior but is under quarantine for ten days as a result of the attack.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Indiana Dog Bite Injury Lawyers.

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