Am I losing my mind? My husband is the one who won’t stop drinking so why can’t I just file for divorce?

Chatsworth Montreal alcohol rehabilitation facility offers help for New York divorce lawyer clients who can’t stop drinking.

New York, NY(news)–Till death do us part, my husband is still drinking, and I love him. For better or for worst, my husband still stinks of booze, and I love him. For richer or for poorer, my husband keeps draining our checking account at the bar, but I still love him…right? I have consulted with five different New York City divorce lawyers and have backed out of filing for a marital separation on three separate occasions. I feel like I am losing my mind, and I am not the one drinking here. Maybe he will really stop drinking this time. I keep the house perfect, the kids in line, a happy bedroom, and my husband still comes home drunk.

Just when I think I can’t take it anymore, I consult a divorce lawyer in Manhattan, and I have a momentary new lease on life. I feel the courage and hope of a new life for my kids and me. Then my husband promises he will stop binge drinking alcohol and tells me he can’t live without his family. Until death do us part. Just because he consumes alcohol every day doesn’t make him an alcoholic. He has a good job plus good wives stay with their husbands to keep the family together, for better of for worse? If I were a better wife he probably wouldn’t drink so much and want to spend more time at home. I have to stop nagging him. I feel like I am losing my mind sometimes and maybe I am the one who needs treatment. One divorce attorney asked me if I was codependent on my husband. I guess I am but aren’t all wives?

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