Pickup truck smashed into two motorcycles, killing 4 in Sumter County, FL

Legal News for Florida Motorcycle Accident Attorneys. A crash involving a pickup truck and two motorcycles caused injuries ranging from minor to fatal.

Florida motorcycle accident attorney alerts- FHP continues to investigate motorcycle crash involving pickup truck that resulted in four deaths.

Bushnell, FL—A tragic motor vehicle collision (MVC) involving two motorcycles and a pickup truck resulted in the death of four people and left several others with minor injuries. The violent crash occurred in Sumter County, Florida, on County Road 476, according to information provided by WESH.com.

Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) troopers reported a westbound 1991 GMC pickup truck attempting to pass a “slower-moving” truck as two eastbound motorcycles were traveling on CR 476. Paul Sermons, 45, the driver of the truck, apparently believed the motorcycles were further away then they actually were. Though Sermons reportedly tried to slow his vehicle down upon noticing how close the motorcyclists actually were, he consequently could not avoid a collision with them. The impact of the crash caused two motorcyclists and both of their passengers to be ejected from the bikes. One passenger allegedly struck the windshield of the truck that Sermons had made an effort to pass in the first place.

Sumter County Fire Rescue personnel responded to the scene where they sadly pronounced three motorcycle occupants dead at the scene. The fourth motorcyclist was taken to an area hospital where her severe injuries proved fatal shortly after her arrival. Though authorities did not disclose the exact number of people traveling inside the trucks at the time, reports stated that several occupants suffered non-life threatening injuries. Toxicology results and charges are pending as the FHP continues its probe into the fatal wreck.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Florida Motorcycle Accident Lawyers.