Blind pedestrian files lawsuit following 2008 DART bus crash

Blind pedestrian files lawsuit following 2008 DART bus crash


Legal news for Iowa bus accident attorneys. A lawsuit has been filed against DART for a 2008 bus crash that injured a blind pedestrian.

A pedestrian who was involved in a DART Bus crash filed a lawsuit.

Des Moines, IA—A lawsuit has arisen from a Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority (DART) 2008 bus crash that injured a blind pedestrian. The lawsuit is asking for reimbursements of medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other losses, as reported by the De Moines Register.

The lawsuit contends that Roger D. Christenson was struck as he was crossing the intersection of Sixth Avenue and Walnut Street with the walk signal on, and a red traffic light for motorists on March 26, 2008. Christenson was left with two broken ribs and a head injury as a result of the collision. The DART bus driver, Susan Jane Leveke-Meyers, now 56, was reportedly headed eastbound on Walnut Street, when she attempted to make a left turn and hit Christenson while he was in the crosswalk. Christenson was apparently carrying a white cane as well, which is commonly used among blind citizens. The suit contends that Leveke-Meyers was not properly trained, failed to heed basic safety guidelines, and worked an “unsafe number of hours.” In addition the litigation alleges that DART is to blame “given what it knew concerning her lack of competence, and given its conduct in encouraging or compelling Susan Jane Leveke-Meyers to work an unsafe number of hours in the bus.” The lawsuit did not release the number of hours Leveke-Meyers worked. Leveke-Meyers was fired following the crash.

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