Toyota, dealership sued for sudden unintended acceleration in FL Camry crash

Toyota, dealership sued for sudden unintended acceleration in FL Camry crash


Legal News for Florida Product Liability Attorneys. An elderly couple injured in a crash involving a defective Toyota vehicle have filed a lawsuit.

Florida product liability lawyer alerts- A lawsuit was filed against Toyota in connection with a crash that injured two people.

Boynton Beach, FL– A husband and wife who suffered injuries in yet another crash related to unintended acceleration have filed a lawsuit against Toyota and the Ed Morse Delray Toyota dealership. The suit, filed on Thursday, March 11, 2010, in connection with the February 25, 2010 motor vehicle collision (MVC), contends that even after the couple brought the vehicle to the dealership upon receiving notification of a recall, their vehicle was not fixed and subsequently became involved in what could have been a potentially fatal wreck, according to information provided by the Palm Beach Post.

Reports stated 83-year-old Harold McCrensky and his 80-year-old wife, Selma McCrensky were reportedly stopped at a red light on Lake Ida Road before the incident occurred. Upon letting go of the break when the light turned green, the couple’s Toyota Camry suddenly accelerated. Attempts at pressing down on the brakes proved useless as the vehicle sped up, only coming to a rest after smashing into the rear of a Lexus. The McCrenskys’ were seemingly transported to area hospitals by responding emergency medical services (EMS) crews, so they could be treated for the injuries they acquired in the horrifying motor vehicle accident. Harold was reportedly released from the hospital after suffering a head laceration, which needed to 11 staples to be closed. Selma, on the other hand, suffered a fractured wrist and badly sprained ankle in the incident.

An Ed Morse Toyota spokesperson reported that repairmen reinforced the vehicles gas pedal and secured the floor mats on February 11, noting that “All repairs are performed per the specifications and requirements of the vehicle manufacturer… Customer safety continue to be the number one priority of Ed Morse Delray Toyota.” However, according to the McCrensky’s attorney, “The fix is not a fix”. The couple is seeking undisclosed compensation.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Florida Product Liability Lawyers.

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