FDA Alert: Automated external defibrillators recalled by Cardiac Science Corp.

Legal news for product liability attorneys. Automated external defibrillators were recalled due to the fact that they may not work properly.

The FDA alerts product liability lawyers- Cardic Science Corporation recalled automated external defibrillators.

Seattle, WA—Cardiac Science Corporation and the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) http://www.fda.gov/ have recalled automated external defibrillators, because the devices may not deliver therapy during an emergency resuscitation attempt. The FDA initially announced the medical device recall on November 13, 2009.

The following Cardiac Science Corporation automated external defibrillators are included in this recall:
• Powerheart 9300A, 9300C, 9300D, 9300E, 9300P, 9390A, 9390E
• CardioVive 92531, 92532, 92533
• NK 9200G, 9231
• Responder 2019198 and 2023440

The recalled AEDs were made and distributed between August 2003 and August 2009. The AEDs are used in emergency treatments of victims who are experiencing symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest, who are unresponsive and not breathing, which can be found in a large number of public places, including schools. The recall was initiated after discovering the AEDs may not work properly during a resuscitation attempt. “Defects in certain electronic components may not be detected by the device’s Daily/Weekly/Monthly self-tests. These defects can cause improper functioning of the device during a rescue attempt, which may prevent resuscitation. This can lead to serious adverse health events and/or death.”

Consumers with questions or concerns are advised to contact Cardiac Science Corp. at 1-800-426-0337, option 1, within the U.S. Outside the U.S., customers can contact the company at +44-161-926-0011 or the local Cardiac Science representative. You may also email the company at [email protected] to receive more information.

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