How to choose a New York divorce lawyer mediator


New York, NY(press release)–YS Mediation a firm of skilled divorce attorneys educates Manhattan couples, who find themselves separating and heading for divorce. Choosing a divorce mediator is personal because the legal professional mediating your divorce will help both you and your estranged spouse decide about the most important things in your lives: children, home, money, financial security, and division of personal effects.

A New York divorce mediator helps couples avoid the high cost of hiring individual divorce lawyers and keeps their disagreements out of court and confidential. Consider the following when shopping for a divorce mediator in Manhattan:

-Choose a mediator who is a licensed attorney in New York

-Choose a mediator who has practiced family law

-Select a mediator who is willing to meet with you before you hire

-Hire a mediator who is compassionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated

YS Mediation attorneys and their knowledgeable legal team in New York help sparring couples through their conflicts in a private, confidential setting. When a divorce happens both parties experience a personal life trauma. Select the client centered and flexible firm of YS Mediation for a solution to all your divorce conflicts like child custody, support, alimony, joint assets and personal belongings.


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