Collapsed sewer trench killed construction worker in Alamo, TX

Collapsed sewer trench killed construction worker in Alamo, TX


Legal news for Texas construction accident attorneys. One worker was killed after being trapped in a collapsed trench.

OSHA alerts Texas construction accident lawyers- A worker was killed in a construction accident in Alamo, TX when a trench collapsed.

Alamo, TX—A worker who was trapped in a collapsed trench died Friday afternoon, March 5, 2010. The 25-year-old construction worker was about six feet underground near the intersection of South Tower and Ridge roads when the fatal workplace accident occurred, as reported by The Monitor.

The worker, Rigoberto Tovar, a Mexican national, was installing a storm swear line around noon when the trench collapsed, pinning Tovar to a sewer main. Tovar was reportedly standing in a 6-foot-deep trench when the dirt sides of the trench collapsed onto Tovar, knocking him into the sewer main, killing him instantly. Responding emergency medical services (EMS) teams pronounced Tovar dead at the scene. Four other construction workers were reportedly present and witnessed the horrifying accident. Tovar was apparently employed by M Construction of McAllen, which is private contractor that was hired by the city of Alamo to complete the sewer project. An investigation by the federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) is ongoing, as a means of determining if all safety protocols and regulations were followed.

The location of the fatal accident is a part of a bigger city project that is being conducted to improve Tower Road from Ridge to Moor roads and widen Tower to a four-lane roadway.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Texas construction accident lawyers.

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