Expired medications found on board two DeKalb County, GA EMS vehicles

Expired medications found on board two DeKalb County, GA EMS vehicles


Legal News for Georgia Medical Malpractice Attorneys. State inspections revealed that a couple of EMS vehicles carried expired medications.

Georgia medical malpractice lawyer alerts- Certain county paramedics face corrective action in connection with expired drugs on board ambulances.

DeKalb County, GA (News)—State inspections conducted on emergency medical services (EMS) vehicles in DeKalb County, Georgia, revealed a couple ambulances had expired drugs on board. Paramedics use these drugs as a means of increasing the chances of saving lives under dangerous circumstances, and while these drugs will not necessarily go bad immediately, taking the chance could cost someone their life, according to news coverage posted on Tuesday March 9, 2010. CBS Atlanta acquired documents regarding the use of some expired drugs found aboard certain EMS vehicles, which clearly demonstrated the need for strict adherence to safety procedures.

Documents concerning the troubling news noted that some of the expired drugs discovered on the ambulances included EpiPin, used in treating patients suffering from severe allergic reactions, and calcium chloride, used to “jump-start a heart”. Though most of the drugs carried on emergency vehicles will not go bad immediately, chancing the potency or effectiveness of such life-saving drugs shouldn’t be an option, according to Director of Georgia Poison Control, Dr. Gaylor Lopez. Reports noted that a total of nine expired drugs were discovered aboard one Dekalb County emergency vehicle, while two expired medications were found on another. Reports also noted that DeKalb County paramedics are obligated to verify that no medications onboard emergency transport vehicles exceed expiration dates. Drugs are supposed to be checked on the first day of every month as well as on a daily basis before responding to a call. Corrective measures were expected to be taken against the employees who failed to comply with safety procedures, which require the replacement of old drugs with new ones.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Georgia Medical Malpractice Lawyers.

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