Sophomore credited for helping younger students off overturned KY school bus

Sophomore credited for helping younger students off overturned KY school bus


Legal News for Kentucky Bus Accident Attorneys. A school bus tipped onto its side after the driver became distracted and overcorrected.

Kentucky accident lawyer alerts- Students suffered minor injuries in a school bus crash.

Robards, KY (News)—Thirteen students suffered non-life threatening injuries in a single-vehicle crash involving a school bus on Wednesday morning, March 3, 2010. The horrifying incident occurred at approximately 7:00 a.m., near Kentucky Route 283, according to information provided by Luckily, a high school student was able to direct the younger children off the bus to safety.

Authorities from the Henderson County Sheriff’s Department allegedly reported a student riding on the Henderson County school bus found cigarette butts in the back of the bus and brought them to the driver. Upon doing so, the bus driver, identified as Gail Harper, was reportedly distracted, causing her to veer off the shoulder of the Busby Station Road. The bus allegedly rolled onto its side after Harper overcorrected.

According to Cody Brook, 16, who was credited for helping the students disembark from the overturned vehicle, “The impact was the worst part. Everybody on the driver’s side flew out of their seats onto the other side. Everybody on the other side got smashed.” The Henderson County High School sophomore allegedly managed to help all the students, some of which were reported “bleeding and crying”, exit through the emergency exits on the roof. Brook was the oldest student on the bus. Students ranging from first grade to tenth grade were occupying the bus during the wreck. It was undisclosed whether or not emergency medical services (EMS) crews responded to the scene to transport any of the students to the hospital for treatment, though thirteen students reportedly suffered minor injuries. Investigations are underway.

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