Paramedic had leg amputated after Fort Pierce, FL two-vehicle crash

Paramedic had leg amputated after Fort Pierce, FL two-vehicle crash


Legal News for Florida Personal Injury Attorneys. An SUV collided with an ambulance, causing injuries ranging from non-life threatening to fatal.

Florida personal injury attorney alerts- An ambulance and SUV were involved in a fatal crash in Fort Pierce, FL.

Fort Pierce, FL (News)—A violent two-vehicle crash involving an ambulance and a sports utility vehicle left one person dead and two others injured on Tuesday evening, March 2, 2010. The paramedic, who suffered serious injury in the motor vehicle collision (MVC), reportedly had to have his leg amputated after the incident, according to information provided by the Sun-Sentinel.

Authorities from the Fort Pierce Police Department (FPPD) reported the wreck occurred at the intersection of Virginia Avenue and 25th Street at approximately 6 p.m., involving an All County Ambulance, driven by St. Lucie County Firefighter William Hines, and a Nissan SUV, driven by 63-year-old Germaine Lindor. Eyewitnesses at the scene contended Hines was traveling at an excessively high rate of speed prior the crash. The ambulance was allegedly attempting to make a left turn from Virginia Ave. onto 25th Street when the SUV apparently sped through the junction, striking the passenger side of the emergency vehicle. On impact, the ambulance rolled onto the driver side, careening out of control for approximately 50 feet before coming to a rest.

Emergency medical services (EMS) crews responded to the scene of the motor vehicle accident to transport those injured in the wreck to area hospitals. Both Hines and a passenger in the emergency vehicle, paramedic Christopher Doyle, were taken to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center and Heart Institute to be treated by doctors and nurses. Hines reportedly underwent treatment and was subsequently released. Doyle, on the other hand, had to have his leg amputated after suffering severe injuries and was still listed as a patient in the hospital as of Thursday, March 4, 2010. Lindor’s injuries sadly proved fatal at the scene. Though speed was believed to be a factor in the fatal crash, Fort Pierce police continue to investigate.

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