Alcohol rehab center Reports: Jail costs taxpayers $45,000 annually per inmate

Alcohol rehab center Reports: Jail costs taxpayers $45,000 annually per inmate


Chatsworth alcohol rehabilitation center says New York DUI lawyers can help their repeat offender clients improve their standing before the judge.

Montreal alcohol rehab center says New York criminal attorneys can help their clients stay out of prison, recover, and save U.S. tax dollars.

New York, NY (press release)–Chatsworth a short-stay alcohol rehab center in Montreal claims with one year jail terms at $45,000 annually DUI lawyers can help their clients recover. When a DUI attorney advises their repeat offender client to enter a three week alcohol recovery program to receive the recovery help they need for their alcohol problem the criminal lawyer offers good will for all involved including great savings to U.S. tax payers. DUI attorneys and nonviolent criminal lawyers can offer the solution to their client’s binge drinking and alcohol abuse that causes them to continue to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and drive while impaired.

Many professionals commit illegal acts like driving under the influence (DUI) because they are suffering from a disease. Alcohol abuse and addictive behaviors like binge drinking are medical diseases and are legitimately diagnosed by mental health professionals and doctors. Unfortunately, many people who suffer from alcohol abuse go untreated and unnoticed until they break the law and land in front of a judge in the United States court system. These criminals need to be treated for their alcohol issues and because they repeatedly do not receive the recovery help they need, they continue to repeatedly drink and drive. Many repeat DUI arrests across the U.S. are because the accused criminal is suffering from alcohol addiction. Prisons and jails offer incarceration, not alcohol rehabilitation.

When people are in the throes of active alcohol abuse they participate in socially and legally unacceptable behaviors because they are mood and mind altered. The consequences of these illegal self-defeating behaviors, like driving while intoxicated (DWI) lead to arrests by law enforcement officers. Criminal attorneys across the U.S., representing DUI and nonviolent alcohol offenders are fighting to maintain their clients’ freedom but find themselves baffled by the dilemma of their client being sentenced to lengthy jail and prison terms when what they need is medical care and recovery so they will stop drinking and driving once and for all. The professionals at Chatsworth alcohol rehab in Montreal assert judges in the U.S. court system look more favorably upon the suffering DUI offender who is actively seeking help for the root cause of their illegal activity, which is the disease of addiction. Lengthy jail and prison sentences place these individuals in an already over crowded penal system at a high taxpayer cost ($45,000 per year per inmate) where they don’t receive treatment for their alcohol abuse problem.

Chatsworth in Montreal offers a solution for your clients’ repetitive and baffling self-defeating habits. Through alcohol rehab and addiction recovery by licensed mental health and addiction professionals, repeat DUI offenders can successfully return to society and stop their drinking and driving which puts innocent people at risk and costs thousands. These otherwise normal individuals go back to being the healthy people they once were as productive members of their communities and cease their repetitive self-defeating behaviors that led to their criminal activity. If your clients need help with their medical issues of alcohol abuse while you are fighting to maintain their legal rights contact Chatsworth Pavilion in Montreal for a private consultation.

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