Indianapolis man killed in crash with school bus; 1 student taken to hospital

Legal News for Indiana Bus Accident Attorneys. The driver of a Ford Focus was killed after being t-boned by a school bus.

Bus accident attorney alerts- Crash involving school bus caused fatal and non-life threatening injuries.

Indianapolis, IN (News)—A motor vehicle collision (MVC) involving a school bus and a sedan resulted in the death of a motorist on Friday morning, March 5, 2010. The two-vehicle crash occurred on 3600 block of North Keystone Avenue in Indianapolis, Indiana, according to information provided by

Authorities from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) allegedly reported a southbound 2004 Ford Focus, driven by 22-year-old Keon J. Wills, traveling on N. Keystone Ave. at approximately 6:55 a.m., when the fatal motor vehicle accident happened. The car apparently struck a curb on the right side of the road, causing it to careen “sharply left”. The vehicle was subsequently broadsided by a southbound school bus and then continued to veer across the northbound lanes where it eventually came to a rest on the sidewalk.

Emergency medical services (EMS) crews initially responded to the scene to transport Wills, who had suffered severe injuries in the wreck, to Methodist Hospital to be treated by medical professionals. However, his injuries proved fatal at the hospital at 8:45 a.m. Six of the 19 Broad Ripple High School students occupying the bus at the time seemingly suffered minor pains in the incident though only one of the students, a 14-year-old male, was transported to an area hospital for non-life threatening injuries. The Ford motorist was reported, “driving erratically” before the collision occurred. Investigations continue.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Indiana Bus Accident Lawyers.