Cyclist struck by 5 Fulton bus, driver left the scene after collision

Legal news for California bus accident attorneys. A 5 Fulton bus hit a cyclist, then left the scene and refused to stop after passengers pleaded with him.

California bus accident attorneys alert- A bus collision injured a bicyclist, when the bus hit the bike.

San Francisco, CA—A San Francisco Muni 5 Fulton bus hit a bicyclist, and continued driving after passengers begged the bus driver to stop following the collision. The bus reportedly struck the cyclist around 8:30 a.m., on Wednesday morning, March 3, 2010 on Market Street near Fifth Street, as reported by San Francisco Weekly.

Passengers of the Muni 5 Fulton bus reportedly begged the bus driver to stop after striking the female cyclist, who was lying in the middle of the road. The bus driver didn’t heed the 10 passengers requests and continued to drive away from the scene. When police officials arrived at the scene, the bicyclist was conscious and was able to talk to police before she was loaded into an ambulance on stretcher to be taken to an area hospital for treatment. After further probing of the accident, officials have reported that the rear wheels of the bus ran over the woman’s bike, but the bus did not make actually physical contact with the injured cyclist. The driver of the bus has since been interviewed by Muni officials and police officers.

Under Muni regulations, any driver who “has been told he or she may have been involved in a collision to stop. The bus driver is in direct violation of this employer’s regulations. Police are still investigating the accident. It is unknown if the bus driver will be cited for the collision, or if his employer will reprimand him.

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