Three-vehicle crash in Greenville, TN left four injured

Three-vehicle crash in Greenville, TN left four injured


Legal News for Tennessee Auto Accident Attorneys. Two children escaped injury in a three-vehicle crash that sent four others to the hospital.

Auto accident lawyer alerts- Crash involving car, SUV and pickup truck left four injured.

Greeneville, TN (News)—Four people were injured in a violent motor vehicle collision (MVC) on Monday, March 1, 2010. The wreck occurred on the U.S. Route 70 Truck Route in Greeneville, TN, according to information provided by the A sedan, sports utility vehicle, and pickup truck were involved in the three-vehicle crash.

Greenville Police Department officials allegedly reported a car hit a curb and lost control while traveling north on Highway 70. The vehicle went on to strike a Ford Explorer SUV, subsequently causing the sports utility vehicle to careen out of control into oncoming southbound traffic. A Dodge pickup truck was traveling south at the time and was almost struck head-on by the Ford.

Greene County-Greeneville Emergency medical services (EMS) teams responded to the scene to transport those injured in the motor vehicle accident to area hospitals. Three people occupying the Ford Explorer at the time, identified as Nathan Birkenfault, 39, Wendy Pichichero, 35, and John Pichichero, 32 suffered injuries in the multi-vehicle collision. Birkenfault was allegedly airlifted to Johnson City Medical Center (JCMC), where he was listed in serious condition today, Wednesday, March 3, 2010. Wendy Pichichero was initially taken to Laughlin Memorial Hospital but then transported to JCMC to continue undergoing treatment. She was listed in fair condition as of today. John Pichichero as well as the pickup truck driver, identified as Tom Turney, were taken to Laughlin Memorial Hospital to be treated by doctors and nurses. Two children were occupying the SUV at the time of the wreck, but were miraculously uninjured in the incident. It was not stated whether or not the unidentified sedan driver suffered any injuries. Accident investigations continue.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Tennessee Auto Accident Lawyers.

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