Alamosa sued over contaminated drinking water; 2,000 residents infected with Salmonella

Legal news for Colorado personal injury attorneys. Twenty-nine families sue the city of Alamosa over salmonella contamination.

Colorado personal injury attorneys alert- A lawsuit was filed against the city of Alamosa over a salmonella outbreak in the city’s water supply.

Alamosa, CO—The city of Alamosa has been named in a lawsuit by 29 families who have been adversely affected by the salmonella outbreak in the city’s water supply. The plaintiffs filed the lawsuit on Monday, March 1, 2010, as reported by the Denver Post.

One person was killed and nearly 2,000 got sick by drinking the contaminated water, including 40 percent of the city’s infants. Fourteen of the 29 plaintiffs are suing on behalf of their children who became sick by consuming the infected water. An investigation conducted by the state Department of Public and Health and Environment found animal feces that had salmonella bacteria, which likely entered the water supply in March 2008 and infected the water for the next week. The lawsuit alleged that Alamosa’s primary reservoir had cracks and holes; 12 to 18 inches of sediment lying at the bottom, and has not been cleaned nor drained since 1984. In addition, the suit claimed that the water well had not been professionally inspected since 1997. The city’s entire water system had to be flushed for two weeks after the discovery of the bacteria, and a new water treatment plant was built. The salmonella outbreak was deemed the “worst waterborne-disease outbreak in the U.S. since 2004.” The lawsuit did not specify how much the plaintiffs were seeking.

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