New York DUI lawyer alert-does your client have the shakes?

New York DUI lawyer alert-does your client have the shakes?


How does a DUI attorney keep their client out of jail when they smell like booze and have the shakes early in the morning?

Montreal alcohol rehabilitation educates New York DUI lawyers-client’s who can’t stop drinking need 2 before DUI court.

New York, NY(news)– One or two beers before court to keep the edge off and the shakes down in front of the judge. Some mouth wash, chewing gum, a pressed shirt and some khakis; the judge will see the good guy. Just a minor slip up, a simple misunderstanding. The whole point is alcohol is legal so drink – just don’t drive.

Can’t really believe the driving, but what the hell. Everyone gets a DUI or two. The first one was a misunderstanding, and this one is just a minor slip up. A working guy can’t even have a few beers after work anymore the cops are so strict. The plan was stop at the bar for a few beers with the boys after work. A few too many then call a cab. Don’t really remember getting in the car. Wasn’t the bartender calling a taxi? The judge will see. Just have to keep the shakes down while in court.

Chatsworth alcohol rehabilitation in Montreal offers repeat DUI offenders a solution to their shakes in just 21 days. Make your client courtroom ready and help them stop drinking. A solution to your client’s underlying DUI problem may be just three weeks away. Toll Free 1-866-866-5021

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