Legal News for Ohio Auto Accident Attorneys. Infant twins are recovering after the car they were traveling in became submerged in a creek.

Ohio auto accident attorney alerts- Crash sent two infants to hospital.

Smithville, OH (News)—A car came to a rest upside down in a creek, nearly drowning a pair of 1-year-old twins, after a single-vehicle crash. The motor vehicle accident occurred on Wednesday, February 24, 2010 in Wayne County, Ohio, according to information provided by Fox 8.

Reports state Laura Adams, the driver of a Dodge Neon, was traveling on Fulton Road when she momentarily fell asleep at the wheel. Upon doing so, her vehicle veered off the roadway, subsequently sending the Dodge careening through a guardrail and into a nearby creek. The vehicle landed on its roof in approximately three feet of water. Adams was reportedly able to exit her submerged vehicle though her twins were still strapped in the back seat of the car. Adams reportedly stated, “My babies were drowning. They were dying and I couldn’t do anything to help. It was the worst feeling in the world” in regards to the terrifying situation.

She allegedly called out for help after her attempts at reaching the children failed. A man heard her cries and responded to the wreckage in the frigid creek, thankfully managing to get one of the twins, 1-year-old Lexi Adams, out of the car. Upon trying to pull the other twin, Troy Adams, from the vehicle, the seat belt reportedly became entangled on the car seat, leaving them unable to rescue him until emergency medical services (EMS) crews arrived at the accident scene to aid them in doing so. Troy was allegedly deprived of air for approximately 15 to 17 minutes. Both twins were transported to Akron Children’s Hospital. Troy was being treated in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the hospital and although he allegedly seemed to be recovering, he seemingly suffered life-threatening injuries. It was not stated if any citations were issued in connection with the accident.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Ohio Auto Accident Lawyers.