Blimpie accused of false advertising practices in lawsuit

Legal news for Illinois marketing attorneys. Blimpie accused of not providing double the meat in the “Super Stacked” sandwiches.

A false advertising lawsuit was filed against Kahla Corp., who owns Blimpie, which claimed there isn’t double meat in their Super Stacked sandwiches.

Madison County, IL—Two Madison County residents filed a false advertising lawsuit against Kahala Corp., who operates Blimpie and other chain eateries, on allegations that the “Super Stacked” Blimpie sandwiches that are advertised to have “double portions of meat,” do not live up to the hype. The plaintiffs are asking that the lawsuit be certified as a class-action suit on behalf of all other Illinois Blimpie sandwich consumers, as reported by St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The plaintiffs, Ronald Williams and Jennifer Clayton, alleged that Blimpie advertises that their higher priced “Super Stacked” sandwiches have “double portions of meat,” when they do not actually have additional portions of meat when compared to Blimpie’s regular equivalents. The lawsuit is asking that the court ban Kahala from falsely advertising additional of portions of meat, when they actually do not. The suit is also seeking compensation for costs and attorney’s fees, in addition to other relief deemed “just and appropriate.”

A spokesperson for Kahala stated, “that ‘Super Stacked’ subs do have double meat portions and added: What they don’t have is twice the protein, and we don’t say that they do. There is twice the protein from meat because it’s double the meat, but it’s not double the protein because the bread also contains protein and it’s served on the same roll for both sandwiches.”

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Illinois marketing lawyers.