Kern County, CA sued over unneeded cancer treatments

Legal news for California wrongful death attorneys. A man was treated for cancer that he didn’t have and later died from cerebral hemorrhaging.

California wrongful death attorneys- A man died of a cerebral hemorrhage after receiving radiation treatments that he didn’t need; wrongful death lawsuit filed.

Bakersfield, CA—The family of Juan Blanco filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Kern County for his death, which they believe was triggered by radiation used to treat cancer that he didn’t have. Blanco’s horrifying ordeal began in 2001 when he was rushed to Kern Medical Center’s emergency room after suffering a seizure, as reported

Melisa Poot, the daughter of Juan Blanco, reported that shortly after arriving at the hospital “the doctors came out and said that my dad had a brain tumor.” Blanco was rushed into surgery, and then endured over two months of radiation therapy. Blanco never got better. Instead, the medications would cause him to sleep for days, and would suffer severe and constant headaches and seizures when he was awake. Six years later, in 2007, Blanco was scheduled to see an epilepsy specialist in San Francisco, but never made it to the appointment. Blanco collapsed in a hotel room and was then brought to Stanford University Medical Center for treatment. After being hospitalized for three months at Stanford, the doctors had shocking news for Blanco; he didn’t have cancer, and all the radiation was for nothing. The Stanford medical staff determined that Blanco suffered a minor stroke back in 2001, when he first went to the emergency room at Kern Medical Center, which caused a “chronic stroke-like syndrome resulting from radiation necrosis.” Then in late 2007, Blanco was taken to Memorial Hospital, where they advised him that he needed to reinstate cancer treatments. The Stanford medical doctors then had to call the Memorial staff, to alert them of their prognosis and advised them not to operate. Blanco was then discharged. In July 2008, Blanco tragically died from a cerebral hemorrhage, which the family claims is due to the radiation treatments. Poot stated, “The hemorrhaging spot was where they shot the radiation into his brain, and it slowly deteriorated.”

Kern County offered Blanco’s family a settlement of $125,000, but they turned down the offer. A jury trial is currently scheduled to begin on April 19th.

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