Divorce mediation vs family court


YS divorce mediation a New York divorce mediator helps couples avoid huge financial setbacks by keeping them out of divorce court.

New York, NY (news)–Marital separation and pending divorce is typically a stressful time in sparring couple’s lives. The divorcing couple, children, parents, siblings and friends are all affected when a marriage dissolves. Couples can solve their conflicts simply and economically by staying out of costly divorce court and avoiding the pitfalls plus huge financial setbacks of hiring separate divorce lawyers.

A divorce mediator is a third party who has nothing to gain from taking sides and whose sole purpose is to help the divorcing couple reach an agreement without going to family court. Hiring an attorney who specializes in divorce mediation allows couples to maintain their independence and control over their decisions and finances. When a divorcing couple hires a mediator who is also a licensed attorney they eliminate an additional party and the associated cost. A settlement agreement between a divorcing couple is a legally binding contract that needs to be drawn up by an attorney. A skilled divorce attorney mediating your marriage dissolution and helping both parties come to an agreement is an ideal way to end your marital contract simply and privately so both spouses can move on with their new lives.

YS Mediation is a firm of divorce attorneys who help separating couples keep their money in their pockets and out of the legal system. A New York City divorce mediator can help a couple divide their marital assets between themselves and not their costly divorce lawyers. Contact YS Mediation for a private consultation and take the first step into freedom from a typical, high cost divorce. Maintain your rights and independence. http://www.ysmediation.com


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