Two Colorado students gunned down; suspect “fighting for freedom”

Legal news for Colorado criminal lawyers. A gunman, who said he was “fighting for freedom”, shot two Deer Creek Middle School students.

Colorado criminal lawyers alert- A shooting at Deer Creek Middle School injured two students who were shot in the calf and forearm.

Denver, CO—Two Deer Creek Middle School students were gunned down on Tuesday, February 23, 2010, while at school. The shooting took place around 3:05 p.m., which injured two students before a math teacher tackled the suspect, as reported by

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s office apprehended the suspect, Bruco Eastwood, 32, after a math teacher, identified as David Benke, tackled Eastwood to ground as he was reloading his high-powered rifle. As the teacher tackled the gunman, Eastwood was heard mumbling to himself saying, “I’m fighting for freedom. I’m fighting for freedom.” Eastwood shot two students, Reagen Webber and Matt Thieu, leaving them both with non life-threatening injuries before being apprehended. Webber reportedly was hit in her forearm, before running into a school bathroom for safety. Thieu was hit in his calf as he was running towards the street. Thieu’s brother reported that that the “gunman asked a group of friends if hey went to the school, then shot the two who answered.” The middle school was immediately put on lockdown, while police officials investigated the campus to make sure no one else was injured or if there were any additional suspects. Police officials stated that victims did not appear to be specifically targeted. Both victims were rushed by responding emergency crews to an area hospital for treatment of their gun shot wounds. Thieu was immediately rushed into surgery, and is in critical condition. Webber also received surgery and was released from the hospital on Tuesday night.