Family of IRS plane crash victim files wrongful death lawsuit

Legal news for Texas wrongful death attorneys. A wrongful death lawsuit was filed against the estate of the deceased pilot in the IRS plane crash.

Texas wrongful death lawyers alert- The family of the victim killed in the IRS plane crash has filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

Austin, TX—A wrongful death lawsuit was filed against the estate of Joseph Stack, the man that flew a plane into the Echelon building that housed the IRS offices on February 18, 2010. The suicide plane attack killed Stack and Vernon Hunter, who was working inside the building. The lawsuit was filed along with a temporary restraining order to keep Hunter’s autopsy results private, as reported by KVUE.

On Tuesday, February 23, 2010, Vernon Hunter’s family filed the lawsuit in the state District Court in Travis County, to prevent a public release of his autopsy. The concerned family does not want the graphic and gruesome details about Hunter’s death to become public knowledge. The lawsuit was only filed because the family could not get a temporary restraining order without doing so. The lawsuit named Stacy Stack, who is Joe’s wife and executor of the estate. Hunter’s family considers Mrs. Stack “as much as a victim in this as anyone else.” The motivating factor behind the lawsuit is not reportedly money.

The lawsuit also stated that Mrs. Stack had a duty to “avoid a foreseeable risk of injury to others… Stack was threatened enough by Joseph Stack that she took her daughter and stayed at a hotel the night before the plane crash.” Some people are wondering if this could have all be avioded if she would have gone to the authorities the night she fled from their home.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Texas wrongful death lawyers.