Cult leader, followers starved infant to death for not saying “Amen”

Legal News for Maryland Criminal Attorneys. Three members of a religious cult face homicide charges after an infant was starved to death.

Maryland criminal lawyer alerts- Religious cult leader, cult members face murder charges.

Baltimore, MD (News)—A religious cult leader and her followers were indicted for depriving an infant of food and water after the 16-month-old allegedly failed to say “Amen” before his meals. Three members of the cult, recognized as 1 Mind Ministries, face charges of first and second-degree murder, in connection with the starvation and dehydration of Javon Thompson, in either December 2006 or January 2007, according to information provided by ABC News.

The mother of the sadly deceased infant, identified as Ria Ramkissoon reportedly “pleaded guilty last year to child abuse resulting in death” and will be testifying against cult-leader, 41-year-old Queen Antoinette, formally known as Toni Sloan, her daughter, 22-year-old Trevia Williams, and the Javon’s father, 23-year-old Marcus A. Cobbs. However, since prayers were said in hopes that the young boy would be resurrected, Ramkissoon made it clear that if Javon were to indeed “come back to life”, her plea was to be vacated.

It was reported that Ramkissoon joined the cult with a desire to become a Christian. She was also informed that she would not have to work or go to school, leaving her time to spend with her son. On the other hand, there were stringent rules to be followed when becoming a member of the cult as well as living in Antoinette’s household. After Antoinette seemingly attempted to make the infant to say “Amen” multiple times, she told the cult members that they were not to provide Javon with any food or water until he obeyed her orders, subsequently placing Williams’ in charge of the child. After he tragically died and prayers for a resurrection were said, the cult members allegedly “destroyed all evidence of his death and stuffed his body in a suitcase, which they hid in a shed behind a home in Philadelphia”.

The defendants have been imprisoned for 21 months and will be representing themselves in trial. They jury has been selected and the case is underway.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Maryland Criminal Lawyers.