Three teenage girls fatally struck by train on Melbourne, FL trestle bridge

Three teenage girls fatally struck by train on Melbourne, FL trestle bridge


Legal News for Florida Train Accident Attorneys. Three people were killed after being hit by a train on Florida East Coast Railway tracks.

Florida train accident attorney alerts- Three pedestrians struck by freight train on trestle bridge suffered fatal injury.

Melbourne, FL—Three teenage girls were tragically killed after being struck by a freight train on Saturday night, February 20, 2010. The three girls and a boy, who managed to escape injury in the incident, were reportedly walking across a narrow bridge in Brevard County, Florida, near Melbourne Avenue and U.S. 1, when the train hit them, according to information provided by

The four unidentified friends were allegedly “just goofing off” and hanging out like typical teenagers when they decided to cross the trestle bridge at approximately 6:30 p.m. When the teens’ were about halfway across the bridge, they heard the train’s horn and apparently panicked before they could jump out of the way. The boy was the only one to get off the trestle in enough time to avoid being involved in the collision.

The teen allegedly tried to yell for his friends to jump off the bridge but they seemingly “froze and didn’t know what to do”, according to 53-year-old Bruce Dumas, a witness who was fishing under the bridge when the violent pedestrian-involved train accident occurred. It was also reported that the teens could have jumped onto another trestle next to the one they were on, though they failed to do so in time. Authorities from the Melbourne Police Department are seemingly conducting an investigation into the unfortunate train-related accident.

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