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(Vocus) February 23, 2010 — Divorce Mediation is a conflict resolution alternative many divorcing couples, and others with important matters to settle often fail to consider in their time of need. Manhattan based divorce mediation service YS Mediation Center has recently launched a new website to provide a broader base of prospective clients with access to information about what has proven to be a stable and healthy alternative to court based dispute resolution.

Why Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is considered an ideal means of settling disputes between divorcing couples, and others for matters that may require the assistance of legal counsel to resolve. The costs of retaining an attorney for divorce settlements, child custody and support agreements, dissolving business in divorce, and other conflict resolution needs that may not otherwise be handled solely between the parties involved can be extensive. Recognized benefits of divorce mediation include:

• Cost savings – Mediation saves both parties the costs associated with retaining separate legal counsel for the duration of the settlement process, which can be extended for long periods.

• Time savings – Mediation is often a quicker process than other legal based resolution alternatives, and doesn’t require multiple trips in and out of court.

• Decision control – Parties retain control of the decisions made through mediation, as opposed to a court deciding issues such as how one’s assets are divided or what custody arrangements are made.

• Improved relationships – Relationships can benefit from mediation, which is typically a more cordial process than in-court conflict resolution, which is often emotion-driven as opposed to a rational process.

• Privacy – Privacy is maintained during this process as agreements are worked out in a more cooperative environment.

• Addition of future issues – In mediation agreements, anticipated future issues may also be discussed and arrangements made accordingly.

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Manhattan Divorce Mediation Center YS Mediation Center is inviting individuals in need of effective conflict resolution services in New York to contact them today for a free case review. Prospective clients may visit their new website at or call to speak with someone directly at 1-888.616.0445.

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