Navy helicopter crashed in WV; four people awaiting rescue

Navy helicopter crashed in WV; four people awaiting rescue


Legal News for West Virginia Aviation Accident Attorneys. Four of the seventeen people aboard the Navy helicopter that crashed are awaiting rescue.

West Virginia aviation accident attorneys- a Navy helicopter crash left occupants injured.

Pocahontas County, WV (News)—A Navy helicopter carrying 17 people crashed into a remote, mountainous area during a training exercise on Thursday, February 18, 2010. The aviation accident reportedly occurred at approximately 7:15 p.m., according to information provided by WDBK7 and the National Guard press release.

The MH-60S helicopter was reportedly taking part in a military exercise, known as the Southbound Trooper X, when aircraft was downed for unknown reasons. The Southbound Trooper X is an “annual exercise focusing on the integration of joint U.S. and NATO tactics and procedures as well as inter-service coordination and capabilities”. The helicopter was reported en route from Fort Pickett, Virginia to Camp Dawson in Preston County, West Virginia, when the aviation accident occurred.

Members of the West Virginia National Guard are allegedly responding to the scene to aid those injured in the helicopter wreck, though a rescue helicopter allegedly cannot land at the crash site due to the mountainous terrain and thick trees. Two medics were lowered to the aircraft accident scene, allegedly rescuing 13 of the 17 people who were aboard the downed helicopter. Food, water, blankets, and other necessities were lowered down to the crash site for the remaining victims. The extents of the injuries suffered were undisclosed by authorities, though thankfully, no fatalities have been reported in connection with the Navy helicopter wreck as of yet. The Navy is expected to conduct a full investigation into the helicopter crash pending completed rescue efforts.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for West Virginia Aviation Accident Lawyers.

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