Motorist lucky to be alive after train crash

Legal news for Texas train accident attorneys. Driver ignored railroad crossing signals that a train was incoming.

Train Accident lawyers alert- A man is lucky to be alive after he drove through a railroad crossing, which resulted in a train crash.

El Paso, TX—One motorist is lucky to be alive after a Thursday night, February 28, 2010 train collision in Socorro. The driver of the vehicle apparently ignored the railroad crossing lights which indicated that a train was coming, as reported by KFOXTV.

According to Socorro police officials, motorists in the area who drive across the tracks as trains are coming through, largely ignore the red flashing lights at the railroad tracks on Horizon Boulevard. A Camaro did just that and sailed through the crossing, and was struck by the train that was traveling at full speed. Upon impact, the car was catapulted off the tracks and into a dirt area nearby. The hood of the car popped up, and heavy damage could be seen all over the sports car. The driver of the Camaro, a man in his 30s, luckily survived the collision. It is unknown if the driver sustained any injuries or sought medical attention. Police officials are currently investigating the train-car collision. So far it has not been reported if the driver of the car was cited for failure to obey the railroad crossing signals and for the collision. Police officials are urging motorists to obey railroad crossing signals to ensure another collision will not take place while traveling through that neighborhood.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Texas train accident lawyers.