Man struck, killed on I-17 while changing tire in emergency lane

Man struck, killed on I-17 while changing tire in emergency lane


Legal News for Arizona Personal Injury Attorneys. AAA Arizona provides tips for stranded motorists to avoid roadside accidents.

Arizona personal injury lawyer alerts- Department of Public Safety conducting investigation into fatal pedestrian involved traffic accident.

Phoenix, AZ (News)—A man became involved in a fatal traffic accident upon attempting to change a tire in the emergency lane of the highway, which is 23 feet wide, on Wednesday, February 17, 2010. The unfortunate pedestrian-involved motor vehicle collision (MVC) occurred on Interstate 17, according to information provided by

Officials from the Department of Public Safety reported two men standing near the trunk of a disabled Cadillac, which was parked in the emergency lane on I-17 near the Carefree Highway, seemingly preparing to change a tire. For unknown reasons, a 30-year-old motorist, Miguel Ortiz, who was traveling on I-17 at the time, careened into one of the men, fatally injuring him. The man that was struck by the oncoming vehicle was identified as 55-year-old Ronald Norris. His family was allegedly in the immobilized vehicle when he was hit. DPS authorities allegedly stated the family was in town for a funeral. The cause of the traffic crash is currently under investigation.

AAA Arizona has subsequently provided drivers’ with tips on how to deal with roadside brake downs in the safest manor possible.

• Pull over in an emergency lane, off the roadway completely, or at the nearest exit if traveling on a highway to avoid being struck by passing vehicles.
• If you are unable to leave the roadway, it is recommended you stay inside your vehicle with your seat belt fastened. Call AAA or another roadside provider for assistance and remember to notify them of any apparent danger associated with your specific situation.
• Know your whereabouts as a means of easily directing an AAA associate to your disabled vehicle.
• You may contact the Department of Public Safety’s Freeway Service Patrol as another means of roadside support.
• Keeping your cell phone and charger in your vehicle as well as water, snack food, and an emergency first aid kit, is highly advised.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Arizona Personal Injury Lawyers.

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