Houston TX apartment blaze killed 4, including two children

Legal News for Texas Personal Injury Attorneys. Arson investigators are probing a fire that left two adults, two children fatally injured.

Texas personal injury lawyer alerts- Firefighters and arson investigators responded to scene of a fatal blaze.

Houston, TX—An apartment complex blaze unfortunately resulted in the death of two children and two adults early Friday, February 19, 2010. The fire was allegedly ignited at approximately 2 a.m. in the Walnut Creek Apartments, located on Green Plaza Drive, according to information provided by Click2Houston.com.

Firefighters from the Houston Fire Department (HFD) allegedly responded to the scene on Green Plaza Drive where they found two adults in the living room and two children in a bedroom of the fiery residence. A man identified as 44-year-old Ramiro Hinojosa, his 24-year-old girlfriend, and two children, ages two and four, suffered severe injuries in the fire. After fire rescue personnel performed CPR on the victims, they were allegedly taken to area hospitals where their injuries sadly proved fatal. The female blaze victim was allegedly the mother of the two children in the home as well as another child who was reportedly visiting his father.

Though the apartment manager contended smoke detectors could be found in every unit, a neighboring resident seemingly reported otherwise. The neighbor, identified as Jose Bonilla, allegedly took KPRC Local 2 teams inside his apartment, where as he initially alleged, there were no smoke detectors. It was also reported that the victims’ fatally injured in the inferno did not seem to be trapped in their home when the fire was ignited. Arson investigators are looking into the cause of the tragic blaze.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Texas Personal Injury Lawyers.