New York DUI lawyers alert-Judge sends actor Rip Torn to alcohol rehab

With alcohol abuse leading to criminal behavior like Rip Torn’s recent bank break-in Canada addiction recovery center Chatsworth alcohol rehab in Montreal offers help.

New York, NY(press release)–Chatsworth alcohol rehab center in Montreal urges New York DUI lawyers to step in and help their clients recover legally and emotionally. New York City attorneys representing clients, who find themselves in the legal system and before New York judges because their binge drinking and alcohol abuse led to criminal activity, say alcohol rehab can help clients recover. With new reports of judges requiring alcohol rehabilitation for repeat DUI and alcohol abuse offenders, Chatsworth in Montreal claims attorneys can stay ahead of the game, promote good will, and help their clients stand in the best light before the judge while participating in repeat offender prevention.

Recently news reports revealed intoxicated actor Rip Torn, who broke into a local Connecticut bank with a loaded gun, was arraigned before a Connecticut judge and sent to alcohol rehab in New York. Court records revealed the actor was so drunk when he broke into the bank, he thought he was in his own home. Shockingly, reports claim Torn was given probation last year related to a Connecticut driving under the influence (DUI) case and has two previous DUI arrests in New York. The professionals at Chatsworth, a short stay alcohol abuse and addiction recovery center in Montreal, say Torn is just another example of how thousands of individuals, who suffer from alcohol addiction, continue their self defeating behavioral patterns leading them to criminal activity. Chronic DUI offenders who receive help in a small closed group setting can stop drinking and breaking the law.

After just three short weeks at Chatsworth, the founder of the only closed group alcohol rehab center, clients can return to their communities and lives recovered. Clients can face their legal problems and show U.S. courts they have actively and willingly participated in a solution. Chatsworth alcohol rehab and addiction recovery center in Montreal offers the only closed group setting and provides recovery instead of treatment. Offenders return to stand before the judge in a completely different light than when they were arrested. Chatsworth professionals spend 21 intensive days working with clients in a small closed group setting so they can return to society and stand before the U.S. court system armed with the appropriate coping skills to keep them in the solution of their life issues and out of the problem of alcohol abuse and the court system.


Richard Hofman
Chatsworth Pavilion