Acreage homeowners’ filed class-action suit against Pratt & Whitney

Legal News for Florida Consumer Protection Attorneys. Pratt & Whitney sued for Acreage homeowners’ loss of property value for due to cancer cluster.

Federal lawsuit filed in West Palm Beach, FL in regards to decreased property value from Acreage cancer cluster publicity.

West Palm Beach, FL (News)—Four families in the Acreage have filed a class-action lawsuit against Pratt & Whitney, based on allegations that the aircraft engine manufacturing company’s seemingly erroneous management of toxic waste was to blame for the pediatric cancer cluster in the community. However, the federal lawsuit was filed in regards to decreased property value based on elevated media coverage of the known cancer cluster, as opposed to liability for the actual reported illnesses in the area. According to information provided by the Palm Beach Post, the suit was filed on Wednesday, February 10, 2010.

With approximately 10,000 residents in and around the affected Loxahatchee community experiencing losses of property value, the attorney who filed the suit has allegedly asked if compensation may be sought out on behalf of the rest of the homeowners. The suit alleges Pratt & Whitney reportedly “handled and stored pollutants—including cancer-causing PBCs—and allowed hazardous chemicals to escape into The Acreage from its plant along Beeline Highway”.

Pratt & Whitney could not be reached for comment in regards to the suit though the reportedly stated, “there’s little to no migration of groundwater impact off our site” last summer, claiming they have not had a negative impact on public health. In opposition, the suit contends, “pollutions included acidic and alkaline rinse waste water as well as oil sodium cyanide, construction debris, solvents, asbestos, fuels, paints, pesticides, mercury and laboratory chemicals”.

Though numerous toxic leaks on the property since the mid-1980’s have prompted the state to monitor its cleanup practices, it is reported that no hard evidence has been provided as a means of proving there is a true connection between Pratt & Whitney’s plant and the cancer cluster itself.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Florida Consumer Protection Lawyers.