Hydrocodone pills found in customers’ Burger King sandwiches; 2 men arrested

Legal News for Florida Product Liability Attorneys. Two food-tampering Burger King workers arrested after customers’ found painkillers in food.

Florida product liability lawyer alerts- two victims’ reported finding pills in their Burger King food.

Jacksonville, FL (News)—Two Burger King customers discovered hydrocodone pills in their sandwiches on February 10, 2010, leading to the arrest of two of the fast-food restaurant employees on Saturday, February 13, 2010. One man is being accused of poisoning food with intent to kill or injure along with possession of a controlled substance, while another man also faced charges of possession of a controlled substance as well as accessory to the crime, according to reports by Jacksonville.com.

Police authorities alleged that in one instance, a 21-year-old female victim reported spitting out a blue pill after taking a bite of a chicken sandwich she ordered from the Burger King located near The Avenues mall at 10142 Phillips Highway. Upon responding to a local fire station to be evaluated after the incident, the woman reportedly suffered a seizure and was taken to a hospital as a safety precaution. In another incident, which allegedly occurred at approximately the same time, a 58-year-old male customer noticed a blue pill in his fish sandwich.

Reports state 20-year-old Burger King employee, Woody Bernard Duclos, was the worker who made both of the tainted sandwiches while 32-year-old Bryant Keith Jones, a fellow worker, allegedly sold Duclos three hydrocodone pills. Duclos appeared at the Duval County Courthouse to be sentenced in regards to the allegations today, February 17, 2010.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Florida Product Liability Lawyers.