Winter weather causes 40 and 20-vehicle pile-ups on Kansas’s roads

Winter weather causes 40 and 20-vehicle pile-ups on Kansas’s roads


Legal news for Kansas automobile accident attorneys. Snow storms prompt multiple-vehicle crashes across the state.

Kansas Highway Patrol alerts Kansas automobile accident lawyer-Winter weather caused several major vehicle crashes that injured 15 people.

Kansas City, KS—The afternoon’s wintry weather is to blame for dozens of accidents across the state of Kansas that injured fifteen people on Sunday, February 14, 2010, which shut down Interstate 70, Interstate 35, and I-435 for several hours while the Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP) responded to the pile-ups, as reported by CBS News.

The KHP reported to the scene where at least 40 vehicles were involved in a massive pile-up on Interstate 70 at the K-7 highway interchange as a snow squall moved through the area. Dozens of cars and trucks, including two Greyhound buses were involved in the wreck that shut down the highway for hours.

The second major pile-up, which occurred on northbound Interstate 35 at 87th Street in Lenexa, involved an upwards of 20 vehicles. The University of Kansas Hospital stated that there were 15 people transported to their hospital for treatment. Five of the victims were admitted to the hospital. Officials believe that most of the victims were from the I-35 wreck.

The third set of multiple-vehicle crashes involved at least five vehicles in two sets of crashes on I-435 near Kansas River Road. The I-435 wreck slowed traffic while emergency teams assessed the crashes. Police officials are asking motorists to use extra caution while driving during snowstorms or wintry weather. The snow obscures visibility and makes driving difficult, especially for people who are not accustomed to driving in snow.

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