Trace Adkins’ tour bus, pickup collide in Caddo Parish, LA; 2 dead, 5 injured

Legal News for Louisiana Truck Accident Attorneys. Trace Adkins’ tour bus and a pickup truck collided on U.S. 71, killing two and injuring five.

Louisiana truck accident attorney alerts- Trace Adkins’ band members injured in head-on-collision.

Caddo Parish, LA (News)—County music star Trace Adkins’ tour bus was involved in a motor vehicle collision (MVC) with a pickup truck on Saturday, February 13, 2010, tragically leaving two people dead and five others injured. Those fatally injured in the head-on collision were occupying the pickup at the time of the crash, while five band members suffered injuries, according to information provided by 1130 AM KWKH-Shreveport.

Authorities from the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office allegedly reported the tour bus traveling on U.S. Route 71 en route to Bossier City when it was struck head-on by a pickup truck. The pickup truck, driven by 21-year-old Justin Maxey, was allegedly on its way back from a casino when it crossed the centerline of the highway, subsequently veering into the path of the oncoming tour bus.

Maxey and his passenger, 36-year-old Jeffrey Ferguson, Jr., were killed in the two-vehicle wreck. Emergency medical services (EMS) rescue crews seemingly responded to the scene to transport the injured band members to a hospital in Vivian, Louisiana. Injuries acquired in the motor vehicle accident seemingly included bumps, bruises, lacerations which required stitches, as well as one shoulder injury.

Adkins, who was not in the bus at the time, drove a van to pick up the uninjured band members and some of their equipment and luggage, checked on the injured at the hospital, and then proceeded to Bossier City to play a “scaled-back” show with Martina McBride and Sarah Buxton at CenturyTel Center. Adkins and his band members reportedly expressed their sympathy for the families of the victims of the unfortunate accident during the performance.

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