SUV came to rest on US 30 after sliding off overpass; 2 injured

SUV came to rest on US 30 after sliding off overpass; 2 injured


Legal News for Ohio SUV Accident Attorneys. Two women suffered non-life threatening injuries after their SUV slipped off a US 30 overpass.

Ohio SUV accident attorney alerts- two injured after SUV lost control and slid off bridge.

Mansfield, OH (News)—An accident in which a woman lost control of her SUV, consequently sending it careening off an overpass above U.S. Route 30 in Ohio, and onto the highway below, was one of many prompted by snowstorms and icy roadways. This particular motor vehicle accident occurred on Monday afternoon, February 15, 2010, resulting in non-life threatening injuries, according to information provided by

Mansfield Police authorities allegedly reported the driver, identified as 19-year-old Ashley R. Wise, lost control of her Ford Explorer on the Home Road bridge above US 30, subsequently sending the SUV off the overpass. The vehicle reportedly ended up on its passenger side on the roadway, approximately 30 feet below the bridge. Springfield Township firefighters allegedly responded to the scene to extricate a passenger, identified as 20-year-old Rebecca Broaddus, from the damaged SUV while Wise was reportedly able to exit the vehicle on her own. Both of the crash victims were transported to an area hospital where they were treated by doctors and nurses and then released.

Mansfield and Ontario police officials reportedly closed the bridge and that section of U.S. 30, pending accident clean up and preliminary investigations. Wise allegedly received a citation for “failing to maintain reasonable control over her vehicle”, in regards to the incident. Icy pavement on the bridge was reported to be the probable cause of the single-vehicle wreck.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Ohio SUV Accident Lawyers.

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