Four children killed in Flint, MI house blaze; babysitter questioned

Legal News for Michigan Personal Injury Attorneys. Four young children lost their lives after a fire broke out in a Flint, Michigan town house.

Michigan personal injury lawyer alerts- four children died in a fatal house blaze.

Flint, MI (News)—Four children were tragically killed in a residential blaze on Saturday, February 13, 2010, when a babysitter fell asleep while food was left unattended on the kitchen stove. The fire occurred in a town house in the River Bed Apartments, located in Flint, Michigan, according to information provided by the Detroit News.

Authorities reported the children, whose ages ranged from one to four, were in a room located directly above the kitchen when the blaze broke out at approximately 11 p.m. A neighbor reportedly called 911 after noticing flames shooting out from the town home. Fire rescue crews responded from the station, located 3.7 miles away, to the scene within seven minutes. The homeowner, who is the mother of two of the deceased children as well as grandmother to one of the children, 35-year-old Nakia Wiley, was allegedly on her way to a birthday party when the fire was ignited.

The unidentified 28-year-old babysitter allegedly told authorities he escaped through a window on the first floor but could not save the children because the stairs were blocked. However, neighbors stated they never saw him escape through a window and spent twenty minutes attempting to get into the house before noticing him. The babysitter’s unidentified 3-year-old daughter was reported to be one of the children who died in the inferno. Also caught in the residential blaze were 1-year-old Dekari Wiley, 4-year-old Nakyrah Wiley, and 2-year-old Karree Delaney.

The house reportedly had smoke detectors though it was unknown if the babysitter failed to hear them or if they malfunctioned at the time. Police officials and arson investigators are looking into what may have caused the fatal blaze.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Michigan Personal Injury Lawyers.