$12 million verdict awarded to California woman with severe brain injury

Legal news for California traumatic brain injury attorney. A woman sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) after waiting hours in an emergency room.

California traumatic brain injury attorney alert- A lawsuit against Greater El Monte Community Hospital awarded $12 million to brain injury victim.

Los Angeles, CA—A Pomona woman was awarded $12 million by a Pomona Superior Court jury after she waited several hours with an air-rifle pellet in her brain at a hospital before she was flown to another hospital to have surgery. The Greater El Monte Community Hospital was found to be negligent in the 2007 incident, as reported by MSNBC.

In September 2007, Jessica Ramirez, 22, was rushed to the Greater El Monte Community Hospital after she was shot in the head by an air gun while she was at a family member’s home. Jessica’s mother, Ofelia Reynaga, filed the lawsuit on her daughter’s behalf. When she arrived at the hospital she was conscious, and even managed to walk herself into the emergency room. After five hours of waiting, she was flown to a Huntington Hospital in a “minimally conscious” state and rushed into surgery. Due to the bleeding and pressure on Ramirez’s brain, she will now require around the clock care for the rest of her life. Her outcome would have been less severe if they were able to operate on her sooner, according to a testimony by the neurosurgeon who operated on Ramirez. Hospital officials are planning on appealing the verdict.

The suit named AHMC Healthcare, Inc., who is the owner of the hospital.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for California traumatic brain injury lawyers.