New York wrongful death – NY woman suffered brain damage

Legal news for New York wrongful death attorneys. A wrongful death lawsuit was filed after a woman died after having her teeth pulled.

A New York wrongful death lawsuit was filed when a woman sustained brain damage and later died after a tooth extraction procedure.

New York City, NY—The family of a 33-year-old Bronx woman who suffered brain damage after having her teeth extracted filed a wrongful death lawsuit in the wake of her untimely death. The lawsuit named the doctor, Dr. Bruce Lish, and the hospital, St. Luke’s Hospital in Manhattan as the defendants, as reported by

The wrongful death lawsuit was filed last week in the Bronx Supreme Court on behalf of Felita Dowdy. The victim reportedly had cerebral palsy, which caused her teeth to rot when she was admitted to St. Luke’s on July 23, 2010, to have them removed. Not long after the extraction procedure, Dowdy went into respiratory arrest and suffered brain damage. Dowdy tragically passed away on October 14th, due to complications from the surgery, according to court documents. The lawsuit further alleges that the painkiller fentanyl was a “contributing” factor in the New York woman’s death.

A hospital spokesman stated “Hospital officials extended condolences to the Dowdy family, but said they could not comment further because of the litigation.” Lish’s father, who is also a dentist, Dr. Jerome Lish, stated that his son treats many disabled patients, but he was not fault for the death.

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