Overturned livestock trailer struck by 18-wheeler; 1 person, 100 animals dead

Overturned livestock trailer struck by 18-wheeler; 1 person, 100 animals dead


Legal News for Florida 18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys. One person and almost 100 farm animals died when a semi struck an overturned livestock trailer.

Florida 18 wheeler accident lawyer alerts- FHP is investigating crash that killed nearly 100 farm animals and left one person dead.

Palm Beach County, FL (News)—The driver of an 18-wheeler truck was fatally injured when his semi struck a previously overturned truck, which was attached to a livestock trailer occupied by several different types of farm animals. The motor vehicle collision (MVC) took place on Monday night, February 8, 2010. As a result of the crash, approximately 100 animals died at the accident scene, according to information provided by JustNews.com.

Reports by Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) officials allegedly stated the driver of truck pulling the trailer of farm animals, identified as Benigno Gomez, 43, lost control of his vehicle at approximately 11 p.m. on U.S. Route 27, subsequently causing the truck pulling the livestock trailer to jackknife. When Gomez noticed the big rig headed his way, he tried to use a flashlight to signal the driver to stop though reports stated the driver, John Edward James, 64, “either could not stop or did not see the trailer”. James’ injuries seemingly proved fatal at the scene.

The southbound lanes of Route 27 remained closed early this morning pending further accident clean up. FHP troopers and animal control officials were at the scene trying to gather the animals that survived the crash without injury. Many of the animals were reported, “so badly injured, they had to be euthanized”. FHP accident investigations are underway.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Florida 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyers.

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