Helicopter crashed in DomRep; Floridian pilot, co-pilot killed

Legal News for Florida Aviation Accident Attorneys. A helicopter crashed into a mountain in the Dominican Republic, killing two Florida residents.

Florida aviation accident lawyer alerts- two Florida residents died when their R44 helicopter crashed in the Dominican Republic.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (News)—A helicopter occupied by a pilot and co-pilot from Florida crashed into a mountain in the Dominican Republic en route from Haiti on Thursday night, February 4, 2010. The men aboard allegedly traveled to Haiti to contribute to earthquake relief efforts and were on their way back to Florida when the helicopter was tragically downed, according to information provided by the Washington Post.

Family members identified the pilot aboard as 43-year-old John Ward of Fort Meyers. The co-pilot was identified as 53-year-old James Jalovec, of Naples. A spokesperson for the Dominican Civil Aviation Institute stated the pilot and co-pilot were allegedly returning from Haiti when their helicopter crashed into a mountain in the Dominical Republic’s province of Dajabon. The aircraft involved in the wreck was described as an R44 II helicopter.

Before traveling to Haiti, Jalovec reportedly offered to transport a group of Wisconsin doctors to the Dominican Republic, which neighbors Haiti. Responding firefighters allegedly reported finding medicine at the scene of the accident. James Jalovec reported stated, “I’m a guy. I have a helicopter. I can go there and do something, rather than just give my credit card number to someone” before departing for Haiti, according to his son, 21-year-old Mark Jalovec. The cause of the helicopter crash was unknown.

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