Dr. Conrad Murray formally charged for Michael Jackson’s death

Legal news for California criminal attorneys. Murray was charged with involuntary manslaughter for the death of pop singer Michael Jackson.

California criminal lawyers alert- Dr. Conrad Murray was charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson.

Los Angeles, CA—On Monday, February 8, 2010, the District Attorney charged Dr. Conrad Murray, a Houston cardiologist, with a single count of involuntary manslaughter for the death of his patient, Michael Jackson. If Dr. Murray is convicted, he can face up to four years in prison, as reported by MyFoxHouston.

Dr. Murray was hired by pop singer, Michael Jackson, to be his personal physician while he was getting ready for his comeback tour at London’s O2 Arena, when Jackson passed away. Jackson died in Los Angeles after Murray gave him a powerful general anesthetic called propofol, along with two other sedatives to put the chronic insomniac to sleep. Murray confessed he administered the drugs to the singer, but he maintains that he didn’t give Jackson anything that would be lethal. Jackson died on June 25, 2009 at the age of 50. Murray plead not guilty on Monday to the charges and paid a $75,000 bail, and was ordered by the judge to stop administering sedatives in his medical practice. Murray will be allowed to continue practicing cardiology and write limited prescriptions. The autopsy concluded that “the cause of death is acute propofol intoxication… the standard care for administering propofol was not met…Recommended equipment for patient monitoring, precision dosing, and resuscitation were not present.” The California attorney general also has recently made motions to revoke Dr. Murray’s medical license in the wake of the charges.

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